Introduction to Almighty

Kunshan Quannengda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in producing high quality band saw series products: bi-metal band saw blade series, food saw blade series, carbide band saw, etc. Among them, bi-metal band saw is the leading product, with an annual production capacity of 1.2 million meters. It is a certified supplier of China Manufacturing Network. After technical appraisal, the bi-metal band saw blade is at the international leading level, and the food band saw blade is at the domestic leading level. The bimetallic variable tooth band saw blade was awarded the National New Product Award.
       Kunshan Quannengda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has created a professional quality saw blade product with exquisite processing and heat treatment technology. It is highly praised in the industry, with its tip and back material separate heat treatment technology and tip welding technology. Scientific and technological innovation and excellence have always been the direction of the company's efforts. Kunshan Quannengda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has a strong R&D team, and has a Shaoxing municipal R&D center. It has a group of excellent R&D personnel, and the number of professional technicians accounts for 15 employees. More than %, including 4 senior titles. Established a well-trained team of skilled workers: more than 60% of the total number of workers in primary, middle and high-tech workers. Professional and technical personnel involved in materials, heat treatment, machinery manufacturing, electronics, electromechanical, mold, computer, welding, automation, etc. More than 20 majors; the work involves 12 kinds of skilled personnel in metal heat treatment, CNC machining, car, milling, clamp, grinding, welding, etc., creating good talent conditions for product development and manufacturing.
       Since its inception, Kunshan Quannengda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has been committed to revitalizing the national industry, adhere to the corporate tenet of “doing the best and doing the best”, and building a corporate culture of “professionalism, dedication, truth-seeking and innovation”, and constantly update management. Ideas, innovative management methods and innovative management methods, adhere to the people-oriented, and cultivate team spirit. In terms of talent introduction and management, the company has created a relaxed work, life and learning environment, formulated and improved the incentive mechanism, and fully mobilized the enthusiasm and creativity of employees to achieve the world's largest and world's largest saw blade production base.


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