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Our technical department held a customer training meeting

RELEASE: 2020-09-10

Band saw blade selection method: specifications, quality, pitch, all three are indispensable! The specific selection criteria must be based on the actual conditions of the cutting materials, so that the sawing effect can be fully utilized!
1. Select the blade size.
The band saw blade specification we often refer to refers to the width, thickness and length of the band saw blade. Common widths and thicknesses of band saw blades are: 13*0.65, 19*0.9, 27*0.9, 34*1.1, 41*1.3, 54*1.6, 67*1.6. The length of the band saw blade is usually determined by the sawing machine used. Therefore, to choose the size of the band saw blade, you must first know the length and width of the saw blade used by your sawing machine.
Commonly used specifications in the domestic market are 27*0.9*3505, 27*0.9*3350, 27*0.9*3820, 34*1.1*4115, and so on.
2. Select the band saw blade angle and tooth shape.
Different materials have different cutting difficulties. Some materials have high hardness, some materials have high viscosity, and different characteristics have different requirements on the angle of the band saw blade.
Conventional 45#, 45Cr, 50# and other materials can be used with ordinary series of band saw blades. The cutting ability is suitable, the belt is not cut obliquely, and the price is moderate, which can meet the basic sawing requirements.
Stainless steel, die steel, bearing steel, etc., because of high hardness or high viscosity, high temperature in the cutting zone, the required band saw blade is strong in abrasion resistance, chemical stability, pressure and wear resistance, so it is necessary to use quality as much as possible. Good band saw blade.
3. Select the band saw blade pitch.
Depending on the size of the material, the most suitable band saw blade pitch has always been the key to our choice of band saw blades. However, at present, in the selection of the pitch, many customers have misunderstandings and even blind spots. Even though I have used a lot of saw blades, I still don't know what the pitch actually refers to and I don't know how to choose!
The pitch is subdivided into 8/12, 6/10, 5/8, 4/6, 3/4, 2/3, 1.4/2, 1/1.5, 0.75/1.25. Different sizes of materials, choose the most suitable pitch to achieve the best sawing effect
The machined material is 45# round steel with a diameter of 150-180mm. It is recommended to use a suitable tooth pitch. It is recommended to select a band saw blade with a pitch of 3/4.
When the processing material is a mold steel with a diameter of 200-400mm, what pitch is suitable. It is recommended to select a band saw blade with a pitch of 2/3.