CNC high speed metal circular saw

Product introduction
The benefits of high-speed circular sawing machine cost accounting,
1, the cutting speed is fast,
2, high precision: plus or minus 5,
3, save materials, no heavy volume,
4, the province manual, automatic turning and automatic feeding,
5, power saving, a circular saw can be used to put more than 4 band sawing machines.
6, saving costs, saving questions: According to the 4-5 band sawing machine, generally need 2 to 3 talents to operate, and the circular saw machine only needs 1 person to bring it, one can operate 4-5 The circular sawing machine is combined with the cost of the band sawing machine, and the money for the next circular saw can be saved in one year. 7. Take the steel with a diameter of 70 and 45 wells as an example: 2,100 knives can be cut every 8 hours, each blade can be more than 50 square meters, and each blade can cut 13,000 to 15,000 knives. It can also be ground.
Technical specifications